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Why the Bachelor Has Already Been Spoiled

The new season of The Bachelor, featuring Nick Viall is soon coming to an end. However, this time around The Bachelor hasn’t left fans with many surprises. By now, most, if not all, Bachelor fans have heard the news that Rachel Lindsey will become the new Bachelorette. But even weeks before the announcement, it was clear that what appeared to be four fairly great relationships with Corinne Olympios, Vanessa Grimaldi, Rachel Lindsey, and Raven Gates, was actually only three.

It was no surprise to fans that Bachelor villain Corinne, and her nanny, weren’t going to make it down the homestretch. But now, with Olympios and Lindsey both officially taken off the table, the show is really down to two girls: Raven and Vanessa.

Nick Viall and the bachelorettes


ABC has teased multiple times that the bachelor himself might be left with an outstanding proposal and that Nick’s fear of not finding love may actually come true. Of course, at this point, this is the only thing ABC has left to tease. Fans know Rachel is not the winner, even though she’s still in the top three in the shows commercials. Spoilers of Vanessa winning the competition have gone viral even before the premiere, so does ABC really not have any secrets left up their sleeve? The girls of the Bachelor talked about how Viall was the most unpredictable bachelor, however, it seems that this season of the show has been very predictable.

Nick Viall and the bachelorettes

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Now that Rachel is getting ready to start her journey as the Bachelorette, ABC will likely have Viall on the show for advice like Andi Dorfman appeared on last week’s episode. It’s obvious that the producers have been backing Viall from the beginning even snubbing the top three runner ups from JoJo’s season for the coveted bachelor spot.

With Viall as a new addition to the Dancing with the Stars season 24 cast, it’s unlikely that Nick will be left in the snow without an acceptance of his proposal. Unless, ABC is trying to beef up Viall as much as they can so he can get a spinoff show like Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell.

Nick Viall and the bachelorettes

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Although Ben and Lauren’s show didn’t do so well, and a lot of Bachelor fans widely criticized the show, finding the two to be a boring couple, it seems that Viall might have a shot at his own reality spinoff. Afterall, Viall appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise multiple times, what’s another reality show – especially when it’ll actually pay this time.

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