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Is Apple Working on New Augmented Reality Glasses?

Apple is now working on new, Google Glass type glasses. According to Bloomberg, Apple glasses will be deployed earliest in 2018. The report also highlighted the project has progressed enough to make and negotiate deals with suppliers.

apple glasses

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After the initial product introduction with the Google Glass from, of course, Google; the smart glasses would become Apple’s first kind in that product category. Similar to Google Glass, the smart glasses from Apple will be focused on exclusively delivering information rather than the extensively augmented reality experience provided by products like the Hololens from Microsoft.

apple glasses

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In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook communicated his strong interest in Augmented Reality. He expressed his opinion and stated that augmented reality ideas should enhance human communication, not disrupt it. As the company keeps rising and trying to stay ahead in the race against rivals like Facebook, Microsoft and Google; it seems only ideal for Apple to put something in this technology category out. While the other pioneer technology companies might have already begun developing products with virtual reality or augmented reality technology; Apple seems much more focused in augmented reality. Rumor has it that the project is already in the early phase of product testing, though we can’t say for sure.

One major feature of the new Apple glasses would be the quality of the product’s lenses. Robert Scoble, an active virtual reality entrepreneur, wrote in a Facebook post last week that Apple will be partnering with lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss AG and use Zeiss Smart Optics for smart glasses’ lens.

Apple glasses

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The smart glasses will integrate with an iPhone to process data and keep its structure, design and size lightweight. The aim here is to produce a fully functional device that does not hold too many electronics around it. Some anonymous sources have hinted that the smart glasses will display information and other images in the bearer’s field of vision. The information authenticity can not be verified because apparently, nobody wants to be identified for speaking on a classified project.

However, there is no guarantee that the product is definitely coming out but if it eventually does, it can’t be anytime soon. The smart glasses will be the second major hardware product launched by Apple under the management of Tim Cook. The Apple watch being the first “wearable” Apple product.

Apple is always working on numerous projects internally and they usually don’t end up as a complete commercial project. One thing is for sure, though; Apple is really looking to incorporate AR into its software and hardware.

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