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Angelina Jolie Claims Brad Pitt Is ‘Terrified’ the Public Will Learn the Truth About Divorce

News of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce took the entire world by surprise. It happened when it was least expected. The seemingly perfect Hollywood couple has been together since 2004, and were married for around two years. Not bad, considering that divorces in Hollywood usually happen after only 3 days. According to recent rumors, Jolie filed for divorce because Brad Pitt was cheating.

jolie claims

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In recent developments, Angelina Jolie claims that Brad Pitt does not want the details of their separation revealed, since he fears the public might be shocked to find out the truth. In short, Pitt wants the whole affair kept private, since it might create a storm in the media, which might spoil reputation. Additionally, Pitt is eager to keep the information sealed, considering that even the FBI and the Department of Children and Family Services were somehow involved during the investigations.

jolie claims

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The last trigger for the divorce was when Pitt got involved in an altercation onboard a private flight with the whole family. However, the FBI and the Department of Children and Family Services decided not to carry out further investigations. This left the Hollywood couple to proceed with their divorce settlements in family court.

According to court records, Jolie filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Later on, she was granted full custody of their six children, who are aged 6 to 15. Pitt was only granted therapeutic visits as a consolation. However, soon after, Pitt’s lawyers accused Jolie of leaking the details of the divorce as well as custody agreement to the press. They accused her of focusing more on her own interests instead of those of the minor children, as well as violating their privacy rights.

jolie claims

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Jolie’s team hit back immediately claiming that the allegations were untrue. According to her legal team, Jolie had not revealed even a single detail to the media. As much as Pitt wants the information sealed, it is very hard for any celebrity related information not to leak to the press. The two camps have however agreed to keep the documents and all the information related to the custody agreement sealed, as part of Pitt’s request.

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