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George Michael’s Cousin’s Growing Feud With Boyfriend Fadi Fawaz

Following George Michael’s death, it seems like there is a growing feud between his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz and the late singer’s family. George Michael’s cousin Andros Georgiou commented on Facebook on Monday about the tweets that were allegedly posted by boyfriend Fadi Fawaz which claimed that Michael had attempted suicide multiple times in the past prior to his death in December 2016.

Andros Georgiou

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Making reference to Fawaz’s earlier tweets that they were a very close couple and were always together 24 hours a day, Georgiou blasts Fadi Fawaz on his Facebook page that if that were the case, then why is it that they never lived together as Fawaz lived in one of George’s homes in Regent Park.

Moreover, he also questions why they were not together on Christmas Eve and why Fawaz opted to spend the night in his car instead. To this, he says that there are so many unanswered questions regarding his late cousin’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz.

Andros Georgiou

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Clearly distraught, Andros Georgiou claims to be angered by the lies he keeps on reading about his late cousin and hopes that Fawaz will not earn any money from these stories that he is posting. If anything, he says that any money offered to Fawaz in exchange for these stories should go straight to one of George’s charities. He asserts that his cousin was not only one of the biggest talents the country has ever had, but that he was also a true gentleman who only lost his way.

Andros Georgiou ended his Facebook post by insisting that even though his cousin Michael was found dead in his bed on Christmas day at the age of 53, he did not take his own life. He clearly hopes that the police conclude the case swiftly and that justice is served.

Fadi Fawaz who is a celebrity hairdresser later denied having written the tweets claiming that his account had been hacked and then closed. He also claimed to be shocked by the revelations like everyone else.

Andros Georgiou

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Fawaz’s nephew Josh Fawaz came to his uncle’s defense by stating that the couple really loved each other very much and that they had actually spent almost all their time together for the last six years.

Although Michael’s longtime manager says that he died of heart failure, the official cause of his death is yet to be determined although it’s suspected to be a drug overdose. In a statement made on December 30, Thames Valley Police said that Michael’s initial tests were inconclusive, therefore additional tests were necessary.

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