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Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’ Trailer Has A Powerful Message For All Women

The long-awaited trailer for Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty has finally dropped and… it looks pretty awesome?

Amnesia Done Right

The trailer features Amy Schumer as the star (of course) who suffers a head injury while in a spin class. When she regains consciousness, she believes she is the most beautiful woman in the world. To the amusement of her friends and coworkers, the movie follows Schumer’s character as she navigates the world as a newly “hot” girl.

Tom and Lorenzo

The trailer not only promises a feel-good comedy, but also a powerful message: Confidence is everything!

Star-Studded Cast

While Schumer is definitely the star of the film, there’s no shortage of familiar faces in the supporting cast. Schumer’s two best friends in the film are played by SNL‘s Aidy Bryant and the inimitable Busy Philipps (who, fun fact, is married to the movie’s director Marc Silverstein).


You can also catch just a glimpse of Philipps’ best friend, actress Michelle Williams, in a very blonde and very somber cameo. And don’t forget supermodel Emily Ratajkowski as a frustratingly insecure companion to Schumer. Here’s hoping there are even more fun cameos in the movie itself! If it’s anything like director Silverstein’s He’s Just Not That Into You, the cameos will be countless.

Man Candy

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Amy Schumer romantic comedy without its fair share of awkward man candy. In Trainwreck, Schumer fought for the affection of comedian Bill Hader and bantered with (a surprisingly funny) LeBron James. Last year’s Snatched has the goofy Ike Barinholtz as Schumer’s cohort.


In I Feel Pretty it looks as though Amy Schumer’s love interest will be played by stand-up comic Rory Scovel. The bearded funnyman looks like he has awesome chemistry with Schumer, which should make their love story a fun ride for movie-goers. The trailer ends with Scovel saying, “I think a lot of people completely miss the thing that really makes them awesome, and you’re not like that.” Girl power! Check out the trailer below:

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