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This Study Of America’s Most Hated Foods Is Actually … Pretty Surprising

Hater is a dating app that is much more sophisticated than Tinder, since it is geared more toward getting people together on old-fashioned dates rather than one-night stands.

The app helps determine what a couple’s mutual likes, dislikes, loves and hates are in order to determine compatibility. This actually results in a lot of really interesting data that can give us a pretty decent pulse check on America on any given topic.

Topics like “What is everyone’s least favorite food by state?” Check out some of the most surprising eats listed below.


Colorado – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


One problem with Cheetos is that it tends to get all over your fingers, which means you have to have a wet napkin at hand. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos also require a tall, cool drink to go along with them.


Texas – Steak Cooked Well Done


Everybody, especially people from Texas, knows better than to cook steak well done. Such meat tends to be tough with a little burnt flavoring. Leave a little pink inside the steak to retain a juicy, tender texture.


California – Chick-Fil-A


The distaste for Chick-Fil-A in California is puzzling, since it is the most tender and delicious fast food chicken available. The disdain could be political, since the owner of the chain very publicly opposes same-sex marriage, and California is a very liberal state.


Idaho – Dim Sum


Do people in Idaho even know what dim sum is? This dish may be so unpopular due to Idaho’s unfamiliarity with the tasty eat rather than actual experience. It’s really quite good.


Oklahoma – Veggie Burgers


Veggie burgers tend to be awful, even for those people who avoid the eating of meat for health or ethical reasons. Until advances in food technology bring about artificial meat, there is nothing like the ground beef that comes from a cow.


Ohio – Pesto


Why anyone, even people in Ohio, would dislike pesto, that lovely confection of olive oil, garlic, herbs and grated cheese, is a mystery. Perhaps people in that fine state are just not doing it right or maybe it’s the green color that is off-putting.


New Jersey – Gas Station Wine


The fact that people in New Jersey won’t buy their wine from a gas station is the best thing ever said about that state. What would one use gas station wine for anyway? To clean auto parts?


Michigan – Cold Pizza


Hot pizza, fresh out of the oven, is one of the living proofs that God exists and that He loves us. Even so, cold pizza is to be preferred to no pizza at all. In any case, the microwave will fix things pretty nicely.


Massachusetts – Mayonnaise On Fries


Mayonnaise on fries, it is said, is a Canadian affectation and thus not very popular in the United States. Fries were made for ketchup or, at least, hot sauce. Mayo should remain on sandwiches.


West Virginia – Tofu


Tofu is rubbery, bland, and a great argument against veganism. At best it should be rendered into tiny chunks and put into a Chinese-style hot and sour soup.

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