Where you came from ?! 10 Things That Almost Make You Feel Like An Adult. Almost.
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10 Things That Almost Make You Feel Like An Adult. Almost.

No one ever said being an adult was easy, but they never said it would be this hard, either.

Whether it’s dealing with the horrors of your Facebook feed or hording cake at your sister’s wedding, this list shows how hard it is to truly be an adult.


Bodily Needs


Listening to what your body wants is important. However, on most days, iced coffee is even more important. Who needs hydration when you have Starbucks?


Wine Galore


This sight would make any wino burst into tears. It’s the perfect combo of fancy and childish – just like the person later on this list who waters their plants with sparkling water.


Corny Dog


Dating is hard in college, but damn near impossible in adulthood. There are just too many cooks in the kitchen and your penis is a horrible chef.


Beyond Fancy


From a biological standpoint, is there something wrong with Seltzer-ing your plants? Maybe. But socially? There’s nothing more right in the world.

Plus, at least he isn’t watering this plant in his own tears like other entries on this list.


The Tarantino Tragedy


If being an adult were a movie, it would probably be Pulp Fiction. With all of the confusion, random dancing, and John Travolta getting murdered on the toilet, there’s never been a more accurate depiction of adult life.


I Cry For Papa Johns


Oh, online menus. You bring stability to the unstable volcano that is adulthood. But sometimes, you bring agony, too. As a later entry on this list will attest, your prices for cheese-related products are just too damn high.


Chasing The High


Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of attending an elementary school Scholastic book fair. Granted, you have to actually be in elementary school to experience it. Otherwise, showing up at Scholastic as an adult is just plain weird.


Shocking Revelations


Ah, the two C’s of adult life: cheese and cocaine. Fondu parties would not be the same without them. But if cake is more your speed, our last entry on this list is definitely a treat.


Dog Whisperer


Despite a lack of opposable thumbs, dogs can be adults too. Just like us human adults, dog adults put their pants on one leg at a time. Don’t hate on other species.


Weddings. Weddings Everywhere.


Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. But there are worse things in life. At least this way, you always get first dibs on the dope-ass wedding cake.

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