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All Time Best Superbowl Commercials

Every year around the beginning of February, the United States of America comes together to celebrate a day full of sports, good food, friends getting together, and some amazing commercials. The Superbowl has basically become an official holiday in the eyes of many Americans, as it’s something that they celebrate every single year no matter what is going on.

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A full season of football games has led up to this day of the final two teams in the league fighting for that coveted title of Superbowl champions for that year, as well as that notorious trip to Disney World after the big win that the team always goes on. But for those who aren’t fans of football, this big day is all about the brand new and amazing commercials that are hitting the big screen for a million dollars per thirty seconds of air time. Over the years there have been some amazing commercials to be shown during the coveted Superbowl air spot, and here are some of the best commercials to ever come out of this special day.


The Nike ‘Hare Jordan’ Commercial from Superbowl XXIV in 1992. Before we saw Michael Jordan hit the big screen with Bugs Bunny and all of his friends in Space Jam, the first time we saw these two collaborating was in this great commercial for Nike Jordan shoes.


The Snickers Betty White Commercial from Superbowl XLIV in 2010. A newer commercial, this was one of the very first of the series of snickers commercials of hilarious comedians and actors playing a cranky person before they have a snickers bar. Though everything that Betty White does is hilarious, this was just complete genius on snickers part.


The Original “Where’s the Beef?” Wendy’s Commercial from Superbowl XVIII in 1984. Clara Peller asked this question over 30 years ago, and it’s still one of the biggest catchphrases throughout all of the fast food chains, and towards the top of catch phrases in general as well. This was not only such a good commercial, but a great milestone step for Wendy’s, as it still uses that same catchphrase to this day.


The 1992 Pepsi Commercial Starring Supermodel Cindy Crawford from Superbowl XXVI. Take the most popular supermodel from the 90’s and combine it with a sexy commercial for one of the best sodas in the world, and you get this awesome commercial. The men were in love with how she moved and the women were thrilled to see someone so beautiful on a Superbowl commercial.


E-Trade ‘Wasted’ Commercial from Superbowl XXXIV in 2000. Take a dancing chimpanzee next to two random guys clapping in a weird, messy garage, then add a hilarious nod to how much the commercial took the company to air, and you have something hilarious that so many people loved as it aired. Yes, they really did finish their commercial with “Well, we just wasted 2 million bucks” in purple letters across a black screen.


The Coca Cola ‘Stewie vs. Underdog’ Commercial from Superbowl XLII in 2008. This commercial takes a fan favorite cartoon character of Stewie Griffen from Family Guy fighting the classic character Underdog over a can of Coca Cola soda. The old versus the new cartoon characters was really cool for those who grew up with Underdog and those who grew up with Family Guy, plus having a talking baby in a commercial always seems to go over well with the general public.

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