Where you came from ?! Airline Agrees Long Flights Are Boring, Hires In-Flight Live Theater Group
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Airline Agrees Long Flights Are Boring, Hires In-Flight Live Theater Group

Future travelers of Icelandair airline, your carry-on bag just got a whole lot lighter.

Leave your headphones, tablet and magazines at home because that pre-flight safety video isn’t the only in-flight entertainment you can look forward to anymore. This airline is trying something new, and everybody is talking about it!

This Airline Takes In-Flight Entertainment to New Heights

Earlier this month, Icelandair introduced their very first live performance on a flight from London to New York. The 10-hour immersive theater was sparked by a recent UK-based study which shockingly (read: sarcasm) reported that most air travelers feel bored during their flights.


Travel + Leisure

As part of Icelandair’s Stopover Pass, the performance killed two birds with one stone, essentially serving as a drawn-out promotion for the airline that depicted the decades of travel and encouraged passengers to spend time in Iceland.



Nice Try… We See You Singing Along

Even the most cynical of travelers found some entertainment in the performance as they enjoyed exuberant costumes from the 50’s and 60’s, catchy singalong songs and several Icelandic-themed meals. Interestingly, the performers are actually members of the flight crew who spent their valuable time off studying with a British immersive theater group.



Not the First, And Definitely Not the Last

Icelandair was not the first airline to try to spice up entertainment on flights, however. As far back as the 70’s, other airlines have attempted piano lounges, live music and even pop-up fashion shows. But Icelandair’s initiative could mark a major shift in the future of in-flight entertainment.

As far as providing passengers a nice, delightful surprise for a long and lackluster flight, the creativity is certainly admirable. There’s no hiding behind your in-flight magazine on Icelandair. The next flight you book may be a one-way ticket to join the show.

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