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This Airbnb LEGO House Is Real, And Yes, You Can Stay There

On November 24th, the coolest Airbnb ever listed will open up to its first guest.

This house–built entirely of LEGOS–exists in Billund, Denmark, the LEGO headquarters. Besides the structure, everything inside the house is pure LEGO: the beds, the chairs, and all the details on the walls.

This LEGO home is mainly an art exhibit and tourist attraction, but it does open to the public from time to time for two-day stays.

Come take a peek at the experience…


The Original Design


This is the original model of the LEGO home, and the architects stayed true to form.

The foundation of the home isn’t made of LEGOS (duh) but the interior is.


The Master Room


This is the master bedroom at the LEGO house. The lamp, the clock, the newspaper, the tray full of goodies, the cat…all made of LEGOS.

That LEGO bed might not be so comfy though.


The Living Room


Every detail in this living room is made of LEGOS. The chairs, the pillows, the television, the lamp, the table, the wall decor… all LEGO.

This photo is from the model design, but true to what it looks like in the actual home, which will soon be open to the public.


The Experience


Upon arrival, you’ll pull up to a tree made of six million LEGOS, then explore a gallery where LEGO masters from all over the world have chosen to house their creations.


There’s A Museum In The Basement


Being immersed in this LEGO world will likely cause you to remember LEGO creations of the past.

You will re-experience those moments by going down to the basement where a timeline of LEGO history awaits you.


But Before You Fall Asleep…


Before you drift off to sleep in the LEGO house, you’ll have the opportunity to let your creativity loose and build with the endless supply of bricks that surround you.


The Second Day Of Your Stay


When you wake up on the second day of your stay, there will be one last surprise.

That surprise is for you to discover only if you get the chance to go, but there is a hint: you’ll leave your footprint in the LEGO home forever.


Some Things To Note


If you’re stoked about this news and want to book a trip, just keep in mind the LEGO home will not house more than four people at a time and all children must be over four-years-old.


LEGO House Rules


At the LEGO home, play is mandatory!

If at any time during your stay you feel any room in the house is lacking an accessory, you can build it yourself!

The lobby is full of LEGO dispensaries.


Just Tell Yourself: I Am The Lucky One


Sure, there are so many people competing with you for a stay at the LEGO house, but don’t fret, it’ll be your turn eventually.

This ultimate LEGO adventure should be on everyone’s bucket list!

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