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How Does Trump’s Private Plane Compare to Air Force One?

On Tuesday, President-elect Donald Trump suggested that the government should cancel its contract for the new presidential aircraft from Boeing. One cannot help but think that Trump might be entertaining the idea of him continuing to use his existing plane, at least once in a while. One year ago, Trump boasted to Rolling Stone Magazine that his own lavish plane, a Boeing 757-200, that was “bigger compared to Air Force One, which is a step down from this one in every way.”

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The current Air Force One is wider, longer and taller than Donald Trump’s private plane, but maybe he meant “bigger” metaphorically. Anyway, his plane has some impressive features in a way that may overwrite statistics. It has a 24-carat gold-plated sink, Seatbelt clasps and sockets, among over perks. It’s said that it has so much gold coat that it could be melted down to coat a Greyhound bus. Perhaps someone could do just that and provide the President-elect with another transport option.

air force one

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The seats are made of the finest leather, the ceilings are suede, and there is a mohair divan that can convert to a full-size bed for guests. The walls of Donald Trump’s aerial bedroom are lined with gold-tone silk. On the other hand, Air Force One is less lavish, but there is plenty of leather and wood and the similar predominance of taupe and beige. Both aircrafts have a shower aboard and plenty of crests. Donald Trump’s family emblem decorates cushions and is stitched into leather headrests.

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Both Trump’s private plane and Air Force One have theater equipment. Air Force One has got a surgical theater, or at least the room of the physician can be transformed into one, with a fold down table which looks a bit like a fold down changing mat.

Air Force One has radar-jamming capabilities and anti-missile defense system. However, Air Force One Historian Von Hardesty says that “A lot of features that Air Force One has are classified.”

air force one

Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images

The Boeing 747-200B jets that operate as Air Force One (the phrase is used to refer to any aircraft carrying the President rather than referring to a particular model) are due to be replaced because of their old age. The first plane current used by the President of The United States was delivered in 1990. Trump’s 757-200 was built in 1991.

Having said that building a new Air Force One is too expensive, should Trump settle for the old, run down Boeing? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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