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TOWIE Cast’s Boyfriend Suspected in an Acid Attack, Leaving 20 Injured

An acid attack in one of London’s busiest clubs has left 20 people injured and 600 evacuated. At around 1:10 in the morning, Monday, people inside Mangle were in chaos as a water bottle-sized container was hurled at two victims.

acid attack suspect Arthur Collins

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The two men who were attacked were 29 and 24 years old, and both of them were black. The other 18 people around these two men were also unfortunate enough to have caught a whip of the acidic substance.

One of the victims of the acid attack, a 20-year-old-woman described the two men who were targeted to have had severe burns on their faces that it turned them white. According to BBC news, she was quoted as saying, “two black guys, but their faces were turned white because of the acid”. Among the victims were stars from the reality TV “TOWIE” and a couple of model sisters from Australia.

Acide attack suspect Arthur Collins

Met Police

A 25-year-old Arthur Collins who was born and raised in Hertfordshire was the initial suspect named by the police. He is also the fiancé of Fern McCann, an ex-TOWIE star.  The acid attack suspect is currently wanted for questioning by Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard has given a public warning not to approach the suspect and call 999 immediately if the suspect was spotted.

London authorities also had conducted a raid at the £1 million property of the suspect but he was nowhere to be found. The authorities, however, have recovered both cannabis and firearms inside his home.

acid attack at Mangle

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In the meantime, the ex-TOWIE star Fern McCann has released a statement through her spokesperson that she has nothing to do with the attack at Mangle. She was not with Collins that night and she was not aware of what has happened during that incident.

She is also aware that the police are after Collin and that she urges her boyfriend to come out and clear out all of the accusations against him.

As of press time, Arthur Collins has not yet been caught.

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