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It’s The Thought That Counts! These Men Went Above And Beyond In Their Relationships

Any relationship requires some give and take. It takes two partners to make it work, and sometimes an act of pure thoughtfulness reminds you why you fell in love in the first place.

These guys take the prize for the best gifts a partner could ever wish for — and you will be shocked by their creativity!


This Breakfast Was A Huge Hit


This beats breakfast in bed any day. Not many people can say they shared a meal with rap legends Biggie and Tupac. This husband is quite the lyrical chef!


This Bacon Bouquet Is Irresistible


What could be better than a colorful, fragrant bouquet of flowers? This husband definitely knows the way to his wife’s heart —  and her stomach.


This Wife Is More Than A Number On A Scale


This husband replaced all the numbers on his wife’s scale with positive affirmations. This man’s love is clearly off the charts, and he couldn’t be any sweeter!


This Lavish Bath Is Courtesy Of A Boyfriend’s Ingenuity


A wine and candle holder turns any bath into a soothing spa experience. This guy definitely knows how to let his girlfriend relax in luxury. When in doubt, add wine.


These Kicks Are A Work Of Art


These hand-painted Salvador Dali Vans are enough to make anyone swoon. This boyfriend made recreating The Persistence Of Memory look effortless. But the time and energy he put into these slip-on shoes is something to boast about!


This Man Is Definitely Not Playing Around


This husband chose to show his love through an 8-bit inspired Valentine’s Day display. Plot twist: it is made up of 7,000 sticky notes with memories written on them. Game over.


This Pillow Fort Is The Epitome Of Romance


Nothing says “Netflix and chill” like an adult pillow fort. This boyfriend definitely knows the way to his woman’s heart, especially after a long day.


A Kiss To Make It Better


This lady is tempted to keep her cast on, thanks to her boyfriend’s adorable drawing. The attention to detail says it all — this guy is simply smitten!


This Boyfriend May Have Discovered A New Hobby


Cross stitch isn’t for the faint of heart — and this boyfriend took on the challenge head-on. This creation would definitely make DMX very, very proud.


True Love Can Overcome Any Obstacle


This boyfriend tried to bring home some holiday cheer when funds were tight. He brightened his girlfriend’s spirits, and years later they still uphold this mock tree tradition. Never forget where you came from, and who was by your side!

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