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  • 90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Hand Paints Houses with Flowers and Turns Her Village Into an Art Gallery

    An artistic grandma named Anezka (Agnes) Kasparkova from Louka, Czech Republic spends most of her time expressing creativity by painting flowers. And she does this not on canvas, but the whole town. Elite Readers featured the story on its website saying that the old woman “spends every spring and summer season dressing the windows and

    LifeLyn KellyOct 17, 2017
  • 6-Year-Old Boy Sets Up Donut and Lemonade Stand for His Heroes

    A 6-year-old boy Oliver Davis from Kansas set up a donut and lemonade stand outside their home last Friday to serve his superheroes, the local police officers. His initiative is to spread a message of thanks to the men and women who’ve been kind to him ever since. Oliver dreams of becoming a police officer

    EntertainmentLyn KellyOct 17, 2017
  • Teen Misses Homecoming Because Of Cancer, So His Friends Bring The Party To Him

    Illness can rob us of important moments in life, and if you’re a teenager, those moments might include things like homecoming dances. When this 17-year-old was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, missing his senior homecoming dance was a given. He’d have to stay in the hospital to be treated. But when you’re a guy like Blake

    LifeJade WilsonOct 16, 2017
  • Man Pops Huge Grass Bubble on Lawn and It’s So Satisfying

    There’s something so satisfying about popping bubbles—of any kind. Whether it’s that bubble wrap you get in the mail or an animated one moving around on your smartphone screen, we humans have an obsession with popping. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll love what’s coming next. After finding a water bubble under his

    LifeJade WilsonOct 16, 2017
  • Man with Peanut Allergy Fakes Attack as a Surprise Proposal to Girlfriend

    Don’t you just love creative marriage proposals? Lauren Trulli works as a nurse in New Jersey’s Monmouth Medical Center. As her boyfriend, Tom Ciancia, was wheeled into the emergency room to be promptly treated for what she thought was a peanut allergy attack, she received the surprise of a life-time. Tom Ciancia is actually a

    LifeLyn KellyOct 16, 2017
  • An Unlikely Friendship Made a Neo-Nazi Remove His Racist Tattoos

    We all know someone who got a tattoo that they later regretted. From an ex-partner’s name to a drunken tattoo that just doesn’t make any healthy sense—there are some really bad tattoos out there! Michael Kent of Colorado also had regrets regarding some of the tattoos that he had gotten, but getting rid of them also

    LifeJade WilsonOct 15, 2017
  • Guy Creates Viral Job Application That Is Taking The Internet By Storm

    It’s become pretty common to see high school students going to great lengths to get the attention of admissions counselors. But this might be the first time you’ll see someone apply for a job like this. You’ve gotta admit — this is creative When Dawayne Kirkland caught wind that digital media company VaynerMedia was hiring,

    LifeJade WilsonOct 15, 2017
  • Woman Shares Undying Love for Her Husband Even After Multiple Brain Surgeries Left His Face Unrecognizable

    Brianna was 9 months pregnant with her first child when her husband underwent multiple brain surgeries. She bravely came forward and shared the horrific story on the Internet and how her whole world was, “shattered within hours.” According to Bored Panda her husband, Austin, was immediately rushed to the emergency room because of what would

    LifeLyn KellyOct 15, 2017
  • Airline Agrees Long Flights Are Boring, Hires In-Flight Live Theater Group

    Future travelers of Icelandair airline, your carry-on bag just got a whole lot lighter. Leave your headphones, tablet and magazines at home because that pre-flight safety video isn’t the only in-flight entertainment you can look forward to anymore. This airline is trying something new, and everybody is talking about it! This Airline Takes In-Flight Entertainment

    NewsJade WilsonOct 10, 2017
  • Man Gets Solidarity Tattoo with his Dog, But Might Regret It Now

    Good intentions sometimes lead to bad ideas, like, for example, when a child tries to help clear the table and ends up breaking all the dishes, or when a grown up man gets a solidarity tattoo with his dog without knowing its real and embarrassing meaning. Chris Mendiola tried to build up the confidence of

    LifeWill GardnerOct 9, 2017
  • Check Out the Next Generation of Royals Set to Take the Throne

    It is easy to forget that princes and princesses indeed exist outside fairytales. But they are definitely real and royal families are still admired by citizens and will thrive for generations to come. The process of who ascends to the throne still works like it did back in the olden days: the old leader passes on, giving the throne to the next heir in line. So, what kind of nations still maintain these robust dynasties? And who are the heirs and heiresses who will help uphold the family name? Read on to learn more.

    LifeMelina PapadopoulosOct 9, 2017
  • 3-Year-Old Leaves Mom Hanging to Have Lunch with Police Officer

    One Massachusetts family’s weekend outing took an unexpected turn when they stopped for lunch at Cohasset Pizza House. Three-year-old son John and his mother were supposed to dine together, but then John spotted a police officer and plans changed. As the family sat down with their food, John spotted local Police Officer Jay St. Ives

    LifeJade WilsonOct 9, 2017