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90s TV Stars That Make Growing Old Look Graceful

The 90s brought us hit television shows and relatable characters played by up-and-coming young actors. Many of the stars made a name for themselves while basking in the limelight of being teenage heartthrobs. But they couldn’t remain teen heartthrobs forever. Whether you loved them or wanted to be them, these hot teen stars of the 90s have put growing old to shame.

Jason Priestley

Manfred Baumann/IMDB

The halls of West Beverly High wouldn’t have been the same without Brandon Walsh, the clean-cut, adorable teenager transplant from Minnesota. Beverly Hills, 90210 – the original – dominated television in the 90s making many young girls swoon over the likes of Jason Priestley. Today, Priestley has two children of his own with his second wife, and is still acting and directing. But whoa, the next star looks totally different.

Joey Lawrence


Joey Russo made the word “whoa” a popular reaction to all things extraordinary, and put young actor Joey Lawrence on the map. The teen idol played a naïve-but-cool brother to the brainy, straight-laced Blossom on the 90s TV show of the same name. He now has two children with his second wife and recently starred opposite Melissa Joan Hart in Melissa & Joey. Lawrence also stars in a faith-based film titled Saved By Grace.

Zachery Ty Bryan

Bobby Quillard/IMDB

Zachery Ty Bryan starred as the eldest of three children in the 90s hit Home Improvement playing the hunky Brad Taylor. Now Bryan has three children, including twins. He’s had a busy acting life since his days as a mischievous teen on the popular sitcom. Bryan also co-owns a bar in Hollywood. But it doesn’t appear as though the next star has aged a day.

Scott Wolf

Damian Barrett/Sony Pictures

When a family with five kids lose their parents in a car crash, life becomes a struggle to survive. Scott Wolf starred as the very cute Bailey Salinger in the popular 90s TV drama Party of Five. Though he doesn’t appear to have aged much since then, Wolf is father to three of his own children. He currently stars on the TV drama The Night Shift.

Rider Strong


Perhaps Mr. Feeney didn’t expect Shawn Hunter to grow up to be a responsible adult but Rider Strong sure has. Strong played the lovable, trouble-making Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World, the 90s hit sitcom about the perils of growing up. Today, Strong is married and has one child. He is still acting and has starred as the Shawn Hunter character in the new similar sitcom Girl Meets World.

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