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8 Year Old Child Drives to McDonalds for a Cheeseburger

An eight year old boy from Ohio really wanted a cheeseburger. He took his four year old sister and hopped in his dad’s van and drove to the nearby McDonald’s. He learned to drive the vehicle by looking at videos on YouTube.


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Police in East Palestine, Ohio started receiving phone calls from people reporting that they saw a child behind the wheel of a car. The child took the vehicle after his parents had gone to sleep for the night. His father had gone to bed and his mother was asleep on the couch.

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The boy was a very good driver

Police officer Jacob Koehler said that over the weekend they started receiving the calls about the child driver. The people who called in about the child said that he was a surprisingly good driver. He obeyed all traffic laws and did not do any damage to any other vehicles that were on the road. He stopped at all of the red lights and was patient as he waited for other cars to pass before he made a left turn into the McDonald’s parking lot.

The people working at the McDonald’s thought the whole thing was a joke. They assumed the parents were somewhere nearby but when they found the parents were not, the police were called. The children said they had money to pay for their cheeseburgers. Koehler said, “The workers thought that the parents were in the back. Obviously they weren’t.”

The children were taken to the police station and the parents were alerted. They found no evidence of neglect and discovered the children had eaten three times that day. The East Palestine police say that they do not expect to file any charges in the case. The McDonald’s restaurant was located about one and a half miles from the children’s home.


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