Where you came from ?! Great Sleep Does Not Have to Be Hard to Get with These 8 Tips
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8 Tips for Better Sleep

Do you get enough sleep? If you are like most people on the planet, you do not. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends least seven hours of shut eye a night. Despite this, tens of millions of people suffer from insomnia. Many people turn to drugs such as Ambien to help then sleep. The problem with these remedies is that they can lead to sleepwalking, sleep driving and even sleep sex.

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Tips for Better Sleep:

  1. Practice good “sleep hygiene.” This means you should:
    • Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. This helps set your “body clock.”
    • Limit naps during the day.
    • Do not do aerobic exercise right before bed.
    • Do not look at a screen before bed (it stimulates hormones that tell your body to wake up).
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  1. If you can’t get to sleep, get up and do something else. Sleep doctors recommend getting up after 30 minutes and reading a book or magazine.
  2. Try to relax. Meditation can help, as can soothing music. There is a negative feedback loop that people get into when they toss and turn in bed. The process produces stress, which makes it harder to dose off. You can see how this can snowball into a real problem.
  3. Get your sleep space as comfortable as you can. This may seem simple but many people stay awake because the aren’t comfortable.
  4. Get more exercise during the day. Working out earlier in the day can help you drift off at night.
  5. Don’t eat right before you go to bed. This can lead to heartburn and other problems. Of course, you do not want to be super hungry either so a small snack is ok.
  6. Set a date to worry. Many people stay awake because they are stressed. If you find squirrels running around your head, set a time to play with them. When you start to worry, remind yourself, “I will deal with you on Wednesday at noon.” It sounds crazy but it works.
  7. Try melatonin. This is a supplement that you can get over the counter. It is the same substance your body releases to naturally fall asleep.

Insomnia sucks. It is also terrible for your health. These tips can help and in a way that won’t have you doing crazy things while you are out. Unlike the 10 people in this video.

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