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7-Year Old Entrepreneur Cashes in On Recyclables

While most 7-year old boys are riding bikes, playing basketball, or watching cartoons—Ryan Hickman is hard at work, running his own business. Ryan, a kind, energetic kid from California began his own recycling business, Ryan’s Recycling Company.

ryans recycling company


A Sustainable Start-Up

Ryan’s passion for the environment began at the age of three. What began as a small fascination with sorting turned into a passion when Ryan and his father brought materials to their local recycling center. After he earned his first couple of bucks, Ryan turned his obsession into a reputable business.

With the help of his parents, Ryan began to collect and sort through his neighbor’s recycling bins. According to Ryan and his family, since he began the Ryan’s Recycling Company, he has recycled almost 50,000 pounds of recyclable waste and over 175,000 bottles and aluminum cans.

Cleaning Up

For the last four years, Ryan’s Recycling Company has seen an uptick in revenue. In fact, according to Ryan, he has earned a little over $20,000 with his recycling endeavors. Not too shabby for a kid still learning his multiplication tables at school.

kid cleaning up


Ryan has also contributed approximately $10,000.00 to his college fund and gives back to his community by donating to charity regularly. However, he has expressed that what he would really like to save his money for is a garbage truck.

Remembering What’s Important



Ryan’s Recycling Company and its pint-sized CEO has garnered much respect from his community, as well as, companies such as Shutterfly. Recently, Ryan made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and was featured in the popular online platform, 60 Second Docs.

In his 60 Second Docs short, Ryan shares his sentiments on how starting a business is easy with hard work. He also encourages his peers to get in the recycling game, “I think more young people like me, should start recycling.”

And he’s right. Great Job, Ryan!

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