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7 Ways to Bargain Hunt!

Do you ever just look at your old self and think “OMG, why did I spend $50 on a stupid Abercrombie logo shirt? I could have used that money for so many other things!” Well, you are not alone. Many of us have made poor shopping decisions because we just had to have the latest fashion or even bought something that wasn’t even our look. I remember all those arguments I’ve had with my parents about how they’ve wasted money on clothes I barely wear and realize they were right. Now that I’m older and have to budget my money, I know I shouldn’t spend money on pricey clothing. You can pretty much find everything for cheap nowadays, you just have to look. Second-hand stores and off-price department stores will be your best friends!

Going shopping sometime soon? Here are 7 ways to bargain hunt so you can save money!

7. Know your brands

The reason we tend to spend so much is we because of the brands we pick. While designer brands may have better quality, it doesn’t mean you should shell out $40 for a plain t-shirt. You can find a lot of designer brands in off-price department stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.



Yet, when you are shopping at these stores that carry a lot of brands, take a look at the company who makes them before you buy it. If you don’t recognize the brand or if google gives it bad reviews, then you are better off not buying it, even if it is super cheap.

6. Skip trends

Fashion trends change all the time. What was “cool” yesterday may be considered out-dated today. That is why, sometimes, you should just skip the latest trend. You don’t have to buy what everyone else is buying at the same time.



Once the trend is over, those styles will be cheaper since people don’t wear them as much anymore. That is when you should buy them but only if you actually like the fashion. It is better to buy clothes you know you will wear forever than to buy clothes that only are in style for a short period of time.

5. Don’t buy things that you won’t wear

I have a habit of wanting anything that has a cheap price next to it but a lot of times, it isn’t even something I would wear. When shopping, really think about what your style is and if you think you would actually wear that piece of clothing.

woman buying clothes


If you don’t like Lilly Pulitzer because colors and flower prints really aren’t your fashion, then don’t buy their clothes, even if they are having a huge sale. You aren’t saving money by purchasing cheap clothes you will never wear.

4. Buy in bulk

There are some types of clothing that you will be wearing forever like underwear, bras, socks, t-shirts, etc. Because you wear them basically every day, they tend to get worn out and ripped, no matter how good the fabric is. You will always need them so might as well buy a whole bunch!

young woman buying underwear


As much fun as it is to individually buy your underwear, you will save more money by buying in bulk. Many department stores and discount stores sell items in bulk and you can even found brands like Calvin Klein and Aerie!

3. Some things shouldn’t be bought used

If you are shopping at secondhand stores and other places that sell used clothes, there are certain things you should just buy new. Things like underwear, bras, socks and even bathing suits aren’t the best thing to buy used for obvious reasons.

disgusted woman buying clothes


Also, you should even be careful about buying used shoes. Unless the person who donated them barely wore them, they will definitely be worn out. If would be a waste of money to buy used shoes that fall apart after a month.

2. Inspect before you buy

This should be the golden rule no matter where you shop–always inspect the article of clothing before you buy it. I can’t tell you how many times I found something cute in the for sale section and then when I got home, I realized there was a hole in it.

woman buying vintage clothes


Some things are in the clearance section or really cheap because they are out of style or out of season but sometimes it is because there is something wrong with it. That is why you should always check to make sure there are no holes, no rips, no missing buttons, etc.

1. Find sales and clearances 

A great shopper is not one who buys the most but one who can find the best sales and clearances. Most stores have some kind of sale at some point, you just have to know when to look. When it is a holiday, you can certainly find plenty of places that are giving discounts!



Another great time to shop is at the end of a season when they are trying to get rid of their winter clothes to get ready for summer or vice versa. It might seem silly to buy sweaters in the summer but you will thank yourself later when they are full-priced again!

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