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6 Beauty Eye Favorites Under $6

Whether it’s a little or a lot, most ladies in today’s society wear some amount of makeup at least once in a while. I mean almost every girl is guilty of using a cover up stick, right? And either way, no one wants to spend all of their money on makeup. What’s the point of spending tons of money on expensive makeup when you can purchase some that is much cheaper and will do the same exact thing, maybe even better?

I personally don’t like to spend a lot of money on anything, especially something that I’m only going to get one use out of and it’s going to get scraped off of my face and washed down the drain after the day. But at the same time, I love wearing makeup, especially when I’m going out to work or a really special occasion. Plus makeup is a lot of fun to play around with as a girl, playing with what looks good on your face, what colors look good with what you’re wearing, trying new things with your eyes and your lips, things like that. That’s why I decided to share with you guys some of my favorite beauty products that you can easily find in any drug store, that won’t break the bank because you can purchase them all for under ten dollars each! This post I’m just going to focus on the beautiful eyes!

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palettes $3.49 – These are perfect for your makeup bag, drawer, or for your purse on the go. There are three colors per little pallet, and each one is supposed to help you achieve a different look. But you can always mix it up and combine different pallets together to make new looks that work best for you! They come in tons of different color combinations, and since they’re so cheap you can splurge and buy a bunch of different ones.

E.L.F. Cream Liner $3.00 – This stuff is exactly the same as the super expensive Bobbi Brown or Mac Fluidline gel liners, except you’re not spending a fortune on a stick of eyeliner! Like it’s literally the same thing. There’s no sense wasting the money since this E.L.F. cream liner is absolutely perfect for your creamy liner needs, and you could buy a lifetime supply of it in every color for the amount one of the expensive ones would cost!

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow $5.69 – These cream shadows are absolutely amazing. They don’t smudge or budge and they’ll stay on all day for those long days where you need your eye makeup to look perfect all day. Plus they come in lots of different colors so you can find the perfect look for you!

E.L.F Eyeliner and Shadow Stick $3.00 – This is my go-to liner for sure. It’s super easy to apply, it twists back in and out of the stick, and it doesn’t break that easily if you’re not rough with it (which you shouldn’t really be anyways). Plus there’s the added bonus of the shadow stick on the back of the liner! The black one (which is what I always get) has a silver shadow stick on the back so it’s perfect when I just want a little bit of glamour added in to my look!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner $2.99 – It’s black, it’s waterproof, and it’s perfect for every type of look that you could possibly be going for. I personally like the really small applicator on this one so you can make really perfect lines. Makes it a breeze to apply, even for people like me who generally have nightmares about applying liquid eyeliner!

Maybelline New York The Colossal Volume Express $5.79 – This is my go-to mascara always, because it coats my lashes evenly and it’s pretty cheap for how well it works. And it has never done me wrong! Plus I absolutely love how it’s a bright yellow color so I am always able to find it pretty quickly when I’m looking for it in my makeup bag!

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