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3-Year-Old Leaves Mom Hanging to Have Lunch with Police Officer

One Massachusetts family’s weekend outing took an unexpected turn when they stopped for lunch at Cohasset Pizza House. Three-year-old son John and his mother were supposed to dine together, but then John spotted a police officer and plans changed.


As the family sat down with their food, John spotted local Police Officer Jay St. Ives and jumped up from the table, leaving his mom behind to go and eat lunch with a cop. John’s mother later emailed the Cohasset Police Department to recount what Officer St. Ives did next.

The Long Arm Of The Law Sometimes Ties Shoes

“John, my son, was ecstatic when he saw him walk in and brought his food over to the table with you officer to ‘have lunch with the policeman,’” the mom wrote the police station in the email. “He was so welcoming to John and talked to him for their entire lunch (even tied his shoes for him!).”


Two Highly Successful Investigations

For the next hour, John had a ton of questions for Officer St. Ives, who took them all in stride, answering with patience and good humor. “His main concern was if I had any bad guys in my police car but he also wanted to know what I had on my belt and how I use it,” said St. Ives.

He was also able to learn a few things about his new little talkative pal. “He was going to a fair in Hull, and asked if I would come in the Jumpy House with him,” St. Ives said, also commenting that the boy had swiped a few of his potato chips, “Little bugger’s hands are quick!!”

A Future Guest of Law Enforcement

The picture of the two together has been shared hundreds of times, and St. Ives said many people have told him it resembles the famous Norman Rockwell painting of a young boy and a Massachusetts state trooper.


Saturday Evening Post

And the budding friendship? It has continued as John got a tour of the Cohasset Police Department the very next day from St. Ives, who said that the family was already arranging for another lunch at Cohasset Pizza House with their new favorite lawman.

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