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  • Talk About Paying It Forward! Man Who Gives The Homeless Free Haircuts Is Gifted A Barbershop

    We all experience occasional hard times. Even though you may feel like you are alone, there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand. A barber from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been giving back in his neighborhood for years, and now he received the greatest gift of all. This man is proof that the good

    LifeJade WilsonNov 20, 2017
  • The Most Impressive Things Bored People Have Ever Done

    Boredom. It happens. It is a creeping sensation, one that forces everyone to let out a collective “meh.” Yet being bored isn’t all that bad. As the people filling this list show, sometimes being bored brings out the best in us. These people may have too much free time on their hands, but they accomplished

    LifeMichael EvansNov 20, 2017
  • After Lifelong Obesity, This Young Woman Lost 400 Pounds In A Stunning Transformation

    Rates of morbid obesity have continued to climb since the 1970s. Today, some 641 million people around the world are living with obesity, according to Reuters. 24-year-old Oregon resident Amber Rachdi weighed in at 660 pounds when television network TLC told her story on My 600-lb Life. Luckily, this marked a turning point in her

    LifeMichael EvansNov 20, 2017
  • A Final Christmas Comes Early For A Young Cancer Patient

    It’s no secret that Christmas and children go hand in hand. Around this time, kids become extra nice in order to get that new bike or video game console. For nine-year-old Jacob Thompson, this could very well be his final Christmas. A shocking discovery When he was five years old, Jacob was diagnosed with Stage

    LifeMichael EvansNov 20, 2017
  • This Couple Took A Real Star Wars Speeder Bike Through NYC Streets For Halloween

    Halloween is a peculiar holiday designed to bring out the best in peculiar people. This year was no exception, and YouTube stars Casey Neistat and Jesse Wellens like to make the most of their opportunity to go crazy for a day. This Wasn’t Their First Halloween Moment Of Madness If you want to do something

    LifeWill GardnerNov 20, 2017
  • Russian Dogs Have Figured Out How To Ride The Subway And It’s Incredible

    In Russia, there is a bit of a dog epidemic. In fact, the number of stray canines roaming the streets of cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg has grown so much in the last few years that animal control can’t even keep up or make an accurate population estimate. Yet, with this many dogs experiencing

    LifeJade WilsonNov 20, 2017
  • This Mom Made Halloween Costumes For All Of The Babies In The NICU

    One Michigan mom went all out to make sure that the babies in Beaumont Hospital- Royal Oak’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit got a special treat this past Halloween. “My daughter was here at Royal Oak NICU when she was born prematurely,” Ingrid Peeples told FOX 2. “She is 4 and 1/2 years now, so it’s a near

    LifeMichael EvansNov 20, 2017
  • Does This Photo Prove That A Woman’s Son Came Back From The Grave To Watch Over His Siblings?

    This is Deb Larcombe and her husband, Wayne. They’re a pretty normal-looking Australian couple, but the picture doesn’t tell the whole truth of what they’ve been through. Deb had a brain hemorrhage in 2005. It is that incident which has led to her unusual confession to the world. Deb’s Morbid Motherhood Tale Deb is the

    LifeWill GardnerNov 20, 2017
  • This ‘Swim Reaper’ Instagram Account Is So Freaking Funny … But The Reason Behind It Is Tragic

    Various social media accounts such as UberFacts and IFLScience have the power to make you think and laugh. While many of them tend to flourish on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has seen a small share of its viral accounts. One particular account has been bringing the laughter while saving countless lives in the process. Swim

    LifeJade WilsonNov 20, 2017
  • Top Fashion Mistakes Everyone Has Made (We Made 3 Of These Just This Week)

    Fashion is a beast. It’s brutal and unpredictable, but if you try hard enough, you can tame it. Just be sure to avoid these aesthetic potholes and you will be the belle of the ball. So fasten your seatbelts and cinch up your box dresses — here are 10 fashion mistakes everyone has made.  

    StyleMichael EvansNov 20, 2017
  • Wardrobe Malfunctions: These Are The Most Cringeworthy Clothes Ever Produced

    Who doesn’t love a shirt with a snarky joke or one of those pairs of gag gift socks? Seriously, no matter how you cut the cloth, the stuff that we wear can be a great method of self-expression. Sometimes, though, things go too far. Call them wardrobe malfunctions, manufacturer fails, or just plain hilarious… Just

    LifeWill GardnerNov 20, 2017
  • These Rumors about Celebrities Turned Out to Be Totally False

    When you are famous, you have to deal with the praise and the criticism--and the rumors. Sometimes facts are easy to dismiss with some basic research. Other times, untruths endure for months or even years because there is no way to verify their validity one way or another. These facts about celebrities have been proven to be false. Read on to learn more.

    EntertainmentMelina PapadopoulosNov 20, 2017