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  • Rudy Giuliani Claims That He Didn’t See Hillary Clinton At Ground Zero On 9/11

    Rudy Giuliani has blasted Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton saying that she had lied about being at Ground Zero wake of the 9/11 attacks. The former New York City mayor delivered the whopper on Wednesday afternoon while introducing Republican nominee Trump at a rally in Florida. There is, however, no record of Clinton ever claiming she

    NewsJade WilsonOct 15, 2016
  • Daniel Craig Raises Speculations on Possibility of a James Bond Reprisal

    For those who consider themselves ardent fans of 007,  the next installment of James bond-themed film set can’t come soon enough. In fact, since Spectre, there has been plenty of back and forth about whether British actor Daniel Craig was willing or even capable of reprising the role of James Bond. Things were made even

    EntertainmentMichael EvansOct 14, 2016
  • Former Teen Beauty Pageant Contestants Claim Donald Trump Walked In on them When they Were Changing

    A host of former Miss Teen USA contestants allege that businessman and presidential contender Donald Trump walked in on them while they were changing in readiness for the pageant. Four of the fifteen women who took part in the Miss Teen USA pageant in 1997 claim that the real estate mogul barged into their changing

    NewsMichael EvansOct 13, 2016
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians Production Put On Hold Following Paris Robbery

    A week after Kim Kardashian was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry in a luxury Paris hotel, E! has temporarily shut down production of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But it is unclear for how long. The move, it appears, has much to do with allowing the star to heal following the ordeal. A

    TrendingMichael EvansOct 13, 2016
  • Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani Publicly Defends Trump

    Even as the race to White House heads to its final lap, more and more spectacular manifestations are being witnessed with the recent of all being the unprecedented revelation about the republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. A few days ago when Trumps Taping session with Billy Bush was exposed, everyone’s tongue went wagging. Hot discussions

    TrendingWill GardnerOct 13, 2016
  • Samsung Suspends Production Of The Galaxy Note 7

    Samsung has temporarily put the brakes on its troubled Galaxy Note 7, plunging the iconic South Korean firm into further crisis amid reports that the devices are fire hazards. The move is a big blow to the firm, which announced the global recall of millions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones owing to faulty batteries

    TrendingJade WilsonOct 13, 2016
  • Creepy Clown Sightings Across America Have Boosted Sale of Halloween Masks

    If you thought clowns belong to the Shakespearean Era, you might have to reconsider that. In recent times, there have been spooky clown sightings across the United States that have put police on high alert as schools try to contain the spread of a wave of hysteria among their students. Parents are apprehensive, with the

    TrendingMichael EvansOct 12, 2016
  • Miley Cyrus Death Hoax Surfaces Once Again

    Destiny Hope Cyrus, better known as Miley Cyrus, has been a frequent subject of celebrity death hoaxes. There have been rumors flying around recently that Miley Cyrus was found dead in a bathtub after she allegedly drowned from a prescription drug overdose. ‘Miley Cyrus lifeless body was found by her entourage in her Hollywood home

    TrendingJade WilsonOct 12, 2016
  • Black Mirror Season 3 – What to Expect

    The awesomely creepy and dark science fiction based dystopian drama series Black Mirror was released in late 2011 along with its fantastic tales of memory-wiping, pig-molesting, and perils of reality television series. Now, after a span of five years, fans around the world gearing up for another exclusive season 3 which is going to be aired soon.

    TrendingMichael EvansOct 11, 2016
  • Selena Gomez Takes a Break Due to Lupus

    For those who do not know, singer Selena Gomez recently made the decision to take a break from her music career. The main reason why she made this decision is because Gomez wants to deal with the depression and panic attacks that come as side effects of lupus, a condition from which she suffers. Gomez has confirmed

    EntertainmentJade WilsonOct 11, 2016
  • The Real Winners of Last Night’s Debate

    St. Louis’s Washington University yesterday witnessed the second presidential debate between the two closely fought presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This time both the candidates were tested in a ‘town hall’ format where they were not only taking questions from the moderator but also the entire audience. Unlike the first presidential debate where

    TrendingJade WilsonOct 10, 2016
  • Trump Vs. Clinton – The Second Presidential Debate

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off Sunday night 9th October 2016 in the second of the three presidential election debates to be held this year. It was expected that the second presidential debate would be a clash of grand proportions especially with the recent crises that have engulfed Trump’s campaign. True to the expectation,

    NewsMichael EvansOct 10, 2016