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  • This Study Of America’s Most Hated Foods Is Actually … Pretty Surprising

    Hater is a dating app that is much more sophisticated than Tinder, since it is geared more toward getting people together on old-fashioned dates rather than one-night stands. The app helps determine what a couple’s mutual likes, dislikes, loves and hates are in order to determine compatibility. This actually results in a lot of really

    HumorWill GardnerDec 8, 2017
  • These Parents Can’t Afford Their 10 Kids, But They’re Trying For #11 Anyway

    Can you imagine how hard it is to get 10 children up, ready for school and out the door? That’s a dilemma that Clive and Louise Andrews face on a daily basis, and it’s not the only challenge they face. Money is a serious problem for the family, too. More Kids Than Cash Clive and

    TrendingJade WilsonDec 8, 2017
  • 10 Astonishing Disney Fan Theories That’ll Make You Think Next Time You Watch The Classics

    Since 1937, Disney has provided us with some of our most timeless, classic animated films, including The Jungle Book and Cinderella. Over the years, fans have come up with their own theories connecting various characters and franchises together. Some are pretty out there, but others actually make a lot of sense. We’ve picked 10 of

    LifeMichael EvansDec 8, 2017
  • His Female Philosophy Prof Helped Him Approach The Girl Of His Dreams. See What She Told Him!

    Would you turn to one of your college professors for romantic guidance? If you say no, you might want to think twice. This Utah community college student thought his instructor might be a good source of help. The prof’s advice was interesting, to say the least. But did it work? Class is now in session.

    HumorJade WilsonDec 7, 2017
  • Hilarious Times Kids Ratted Out Their Parents In Their School Artwork

    As parents, we like to hope our children won’t tell our dirty secrets to their friends and teachers via crayons and colored pencils, but it happens. It happens often. After simple conversations, future occurrences can be prevented, but sometimes the things our kids reveal about us make it awkward to face their teacher for the rest of the year.

    HumorWill GardnerDec 6, 2017
  • 10 Completely Insane Conspiracy Theories Too Many People Believe

    Conspiracy theory: “a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.” There are things that have happened that are too horrible to accept. Conspiracy theorists gain mass followings because, for some, it’s easier to believe any explanation for why things happen rather than accept that we live in a chaotic

    LifeMichael EvansDec 6, 2017
  • The Collyer Brothers of Harlem: The World’s First Hoarders

    Strange rumors about the strange Collyer brothers swirled around New York City for decades. The brothers started out life with so much privilege, but they somehow took a strange turn down a dark path. Some feared them, others envied their treasures. When police were forced to break into their Harlem mansion on one fateful day in 1947, they were shocked by what they found inside. It was a real-life house of horrors. How did this happen? Read on to find out more about the brothers and how they fell into a life of seclusion and extreme hoarding.

    LifeAsher WeberDec 5, 2017
  • These Pics Prove That Moms Are The Best Humans

    Moms will do anything for their kids. It doesn’t matter if the issue is trivial or life-altering, mothers will do it if it means making their kids smile. Here are 10 moms who make everything better. Whether it is drawing their son’s favorite superhero on the back of his jacket or saving dozens of kids

    LifeWill GardnerDec 3, 2017
  • Got The Travel Bug? Avoid These 10 Countries, Said To Be The World’s Most Dangerous

    Whether you travel for business or pleasure, listen up! The International SOS and Control Risks have released their annual “travel risk map” highlighting the most dangerous countries for tourists to visit in 2018. Avoid them at all costs. Of course, if you’ve already booked your flight to one of these places in the coming year, we’ll offer some

    LifeJade WilsonDec 3, 2017
  • These Couples Recreated Their Most Romantic Photos Decades Later

    It’s not every day that you see a couple who has already proven their commitment to each other over decades. With skyrocketing divorce rates, it can seem like long-lasting pairs are becoming less and less common. That said, these adorable couples are here to reassure you that love isn’t dead just yet…   The Flower

    LifeMichael EvansDec 3, 2017
  • These Celebrities Have Anything But Traditional Relationships

    Ever wonder why no one can hold it together in Tinseltown? Besides for a select few, it seems like celebrities can't stick with one partner through thick and thin and prefer to switch significant others as frequently as underwear. What's more, some don't even worry about switching; they just two-time and think it's perfectly normal! Maybe it's their tedious work schedules or that they work alongside some tempting eye candy, but many celebs seem to believe in anything but traditional relationships. Read here if you want to discover the celebrities who believe in nontraditional relationships. The sixth couple might come as a surprise!

    EntertainmentDanielle ProphetaDec 3, 2017
  • These Parents Copied Their Kids’ Selfies And Posted Them Online And I’m Dying Laughing

    If you ever find yourself annoyed by your kids’ selfies, do what these parents did and replicate them to help your kids gain some perspective. These parents were committed to the mission. Drawing on tattoos is a tedious thing to do. Totally worth it when you see these photos though. They’re hilarious!   I Can

    HumorWill GardnerDec 2, 2017