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  • What Happened To ‘Castle’? On-Set Bullying, Creative Shifts, And More

    Police drama Castle was one of ABC’s most beloved series. Brought in as a mid-season replacement, the show was a ratings juggernaut for years. Season eight, however, is when everything came crashing down. What exactly happened to this award-winning series? We take a look at some contributing factors to its demise. Flowers For Your Grave

    EntertainmentJade WilsonMar 19, 2018
  • These Surprising Grease Movie Facts Will Have You Saying ‘Tell Me More’

    Grease is undeniably one of the most popular movies ever made in Hollywood. Although it was released in 1978, the musical film was riddled with nostalgically campy ‘50s references that made for a swingin’ good time. Who could forget the magnetic performance that Olivia Newton-John and Travolta delivered as Sandy and Danny? From summer love to greaser getups, whether or not you know the lyrics (and dance moves) to every song in the flick, these behind-the-scenes Grease movie facts are bound to surprise even the most hopelessly devoted fans. Don’t miss out, read on!

    EntertainmentJulie SteigerwaldMar 19, 2018
  • 5 Reasons To Watch ‘Mute’ On Netflix Despite The Reviews

    Mute is the latest Netflix original film written and directed by Duncan Jones. It takes place in futuristic Berlin in 2058, with themes that focus more on the consequences of war (which is still waging in Afghanistan) than on the implications of future technology. Critics, however, are not too crazy about the film and have largely

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 18, 2018
  • This Comic Writer Knows Why Marvel Movies Are Better Than DC Ones–And It’s Not What You Think

    A few years back, DC announced their plans for a cinematic universe to rival their competitors at Marvel. Fans couldn’t be more excited. Competition brings out the best of us, right? Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case with DC’s Extended Universe. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe continues to dominate the box office and win over critics, while

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 18, 2018
  • 5 Facts About Zazie Beetz, Deadpool 2’s Domino

    Deadpool 2 is finally going to usher in the big screen debut of Cable, portrayed by tough-guy Josh Brolin. Marvel comics fans have been enjoying the time traveling “buddy cop” partnership between Deadpool and Cable for quite some time, but Cable doesn’t come from the future alone — he also brings Domino, his sidekick. Let’s

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 18, 2018
  • These Photos Of Zac Efron As Ted Bundy Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

    From perfectly-coiffed hair to washboard abs and baby-blue peepers, it’s obvious why Zac Efron gets cast as the hunky heartthrob in most of his movies. That’s why these photos of him in his new role as the infamous serial murderer Ted Bundy are sure to make you shudder. Fitting The Bill Bundy’s body count came

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 17, 2018
  • Jennifer Lawrence Sparks Feminist Row Over Photoshoot

    Jennifer Lawrence managed to spark criticism with her choice of outfit for a recent promotional photo shoot in London for her new movie, Red Sparrow. A Feminist Issue? The Oscar winner, 27, arrived for a daytime rooftop photoshoot with her co-stars, wearing a revealing black Versace dress. Director Francis Lawrence and co-stars Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, 

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 17, 2018
  • 5 Big Secrets About The Littlest Couple On TV

    The Little Couple‘s Jen and Bill are just like your average couple – except for the fact that they’re both under 4 feet tall. This novelty is surely what attracted the attention of millions of fans since the reality TV show’s premiere in 2009. While the show, featuring the couple’s two adorable children Will and

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 17, 2018
  • So, The Test Screening Of ‘Aquaman’ Apparently Went… Great

    Let’s be real: the DC Cinematic Universe isn’t in great shape right now. Filled with more misses than hits, many comic book fans are slowly giving up on it. One upcoming film, however, is looking to change their minds. King Of The Seven Seas Over the decades, Aquaman was always one of the least likely

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 16, 2018
  • Michael Moore’s Theory On Why Women Are Better Than Men Gets Destroyed By Woman

    Filmmaker Michael Moore got schooled by a feminist after trying to prove women are better than men, and the internet is here for it. The controversial filmmaker took to Twitter to explain his theory only to get brutally shut down by writer Jessica Ellis. In a series of tweets, she brilliantly pulled apart his ridiculous claim

    HumorMichael EvansMar 16, 2018
  • So Why Can’t Superhero Films Win Oscars?

    Superhero films and the Oscars don’t necessarily mix. Movies such as Spider-Man 2 and Superman: The Movie have earned millions at the box office and critical acclaim, but this genre generally struggles to nab the big categories at the biggest awards show on earth. These movies are incredibly popular and, some might argue, artistic, so why can’t they

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 16, 2018
  • Report: Rachel McAdams Pregnant With Her First Child

    Rachel McAdams is reportedly pregnant with her first child. The exciting news was first reported by E! Online, who claim multiple sources have confirmed the Wedding Crashers actress is going to become a mom, though at the time a rep for the star could not be reached for an official comment. Baby Joy The Canadian

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 15, 2018