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  • The Secret Illnesses of 10 U.S. Presidents

    There has been a lot of talk surrounding Hilary Clinton’s health, especially after she fainted at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony due to the heat. She was also diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days beforehand so that led to even more speculation of whether or not she is fit for the presidency. While the public should be made aware

    LifeIsabelle GarreaudSep 25, 2016
  • Opinion: Donald Trump, the 59th President of America?

    Donald Trump, the most unlikely candidate for the United States presidency has taken the country by storm. With only days to go before the new president is sworn in, not just America, but the world is waiting with abated breath for the announcement of the 59th quadrennial United States presidential election. As of three days

    NewsWill GardnerSep 24, 2016
  • Marion Cotillard Finally Responds To Brangelina Rumors

    It has only been a couple of days since the world learned Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, and the rumor mill is churning like crazy. French actress Marion Cotillard, who’s been filming the upcoming film Allied alongside Pitt, has been forced to respond to rumors regarding her involvement in the divorce. As you

    EntertainmentElla McMillenSep 22, 2016
  • Finally, A Happy Ending! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Got Married!

    You know what they say, one couple divorces, another one marries! While it is still upsetting that Brangelina is no more, at least we have another A-list couple to obsess about! Introducing the newly married couple, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes! Hey girl, I know you might be sad your man is taken, but we needed

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudSep 21, 2016
  • Oh No! Anglina Jolie Files For Divorce Against Brad Pitt

    2016 is really proving to be the worst year ever. On Monday, Angelina Jolie filed for divorced against Brad Pitt, to whom she has been married for two years but it feels like they have been together forever. The power couple has dominated Hollywood since 2004 after they met on the set of Mr. and Mrs.

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudSep 21, 2016
  • Sophie Turner Hints That “Not all of us” Will Make It To Season 7 of Game of Thrones

    Season 6 of Game of Thrones ended with SPOILER ALERT Cersei Lannister becoming Queen and the Mother of Dragons returning to Westeros. Just like with every season finale, fans have to wait ever so patiently for their favorite show to come back. Season 7 will be returning on an unnamed date in the summer of 2017 so, unfortunately, you

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudSep 21, 2016
  • Opinion: What Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is About

    Over the last two election years, it seems that Americans have been dead set on making history with the election and re-election of the first African American President. This coming election, there is also a huge possibility that there will be another first if Hillary Clinton makes it to the white house. But who exactly

    NewsJade WilsonSep 21, 2016
  • Opinion: What Donald Trump Stands for

    Donald Trump, the Republican candidate to the presidency of the Untied States, did not start out as a politician. Long before his surprising performance in the Republican primaries, Trump was best known as a New York City real estate developer, and later, as host and co-producer of the NBC reality television program, The Apprentice. Prior

    NewsWill GardnerSep 20, 2016
  • Did This 1971 Submarine Capture Actual Images of a UFO?

    UFO sightings are a dime a dozen, but they’re all “alleged” which means that they’re not actually real… No matter how hard we want to believe in extraterrestrials and spaceships and UFOs, there just hasn’t been enough evidence in the past to count as concrete proof. The photographs released of supposed “UFOs” are usually very

    TrendingCarolyn GuerreroSep 20, 2016
  • Game of Thrones Once Again Breaks an Emmy Record!

    Game of Thrones fans now have another reason to give when persuading you to watch “the best show ever.” Last night, at the 68th annual Emmy Awards, the HBO TV series once again made history by winning the most awards than any other primetime show ever. It is hard to compete with a show that has

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudSep 19, 2016
  • Cute Rescued Animal Was Unrecognizable Until It Took a Big Bath!

    Most nature rescuers have some sort of inkling as to what type of animals they’re rescuing… but that was not the case when it came to this poor, dirty animal! Rescuers found this poor little guy outside of London’s Canary Wharf, and it’s a miracle that they even were able to spot it! The little

    LifeCarolyn GuerreroSep 19, 2016
  • Do You Know What These Celebrities’ Political Party Affiliations Are?

    We’ve all heard the sayings about how Hollywood – and many celebrities – tend to lean towards liberalism and the Democratic party. Many of the celebrities on this list are actually Democrats (or very liberal, at least), though a surprising amount of celebrities are Republican! Not all celebrities are super vocal when it comes to

    NewsCarolyn GuerreroSep 19, 2016